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PROCON provides technical and forensic consulting for all types of concrete floor and wall assemblies in airports, regional retail malls and other complex, large-scale commercial projects. PROCON structural engineers and architects have  extensive experience with conventional slab on-grade and slab on deck reinforced concrete systems, as well as specialized systems such as post-tensioned concrete.

PROCON specializes in evaluation of existing conditions prior to major commercial renovation projects to assist architectural design teams by developing contract specifications and performing  structural engineering analysed, including remedial structural crack repair using pressure injection or gravity-fed epoxy and polyurethane adhesives

PROCON endeavors to stay on the cutting edge of new product knowledge in the industry such as synthetic aggregates that reduce slab drying time. and has been involved in the testing of next generation admixes, densifiers, and non-cementitious patching compounds,

As consulting architects and engineers, PROCON has the unique capability to combine highly-specialized technical knowledge of reinforced concrete design / construction with a multi-disciplinary understanding of related concrete assembly components such  as vapor retarders, moisture mitigation coatings, and crack isolation membranes, as well as defects such as Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR),  abnormal efflorescence.  In addition, PROCON maintains specialized equipment for conducting in-situ field testing of concrete, such as core drilling equipment, rotary percussive acoustic sounding equipment , and digital internal relative humidity testing equipment.

Price Center for Genetic & Translational Medicine – Yeshiva University
Bronx, New York City

PROCON performed a structural  review and  construction cost audit of the reinforced concrete structure


Featured Concrete Projects

Novartis - Cambridge, MA
PROCON performed a forensic investigation of the concrete and cementitious underlayment construction at this pharmaceutical facility

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