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Forensic & Expert Witness Services | Procon International

Forensic & Expert Witness Services

PROCON provides forensic and expert witness services in specialized areas of expertise.  PROCON principals maintain the highest level of education, experience and industry participation and recognition in their areas of specialty.  In support of forensic and expert witness services, PROCON maintains specialized diagnostic test equipment, and also partners with the most reputable and experience independent test laboratories.

The confidential nature of construction defect investigation and litigation does not allow PROCON to disclose details of active cases. However, the following are current examples of the diversity of project types, locations and claims:

  • High Rise Hotel, Michigan – tile / waterproofing assembly defects
  • High Rise Residential Condominium, Florida ­- stone floor assembly defects
  • Airport Terminal, ­New York ­- epoxy terrazzo floor assembly defects
  • University Cultural Facility, ­California – exterior stone façade defects
  • Regional Retail Shopping Mall, ­Pennsylvania – ­porcelain tile floor assembly defects
  • Elementary School, ­ Connecticut ­- roofing defects
  • High School, Connecticut – epoxy terrazzo floor assembly defects, architectural standard of care
  • University Natatorium, Ohio – competition pool tile assembly defects
  • Low Rise Residential Condominium, ­Florida ­- exterior balcony defects
  • Hotel, ­Minnesota ­- engineered wood, gypsum underlayment, ceramic tile defects, architectural standard of care
  • Automotive Facility, ­Texas ­- porcelain tile defects
  • Regional Retail Shopping Mall, Texas ­- limestone tile floor assembly defects
  • Condominium, Minnesaota – floor assembly sound control

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